Jackie’s Fund - Helping the Injured to Heal


Jackie's Fund is an ongoing campaign to raise funds for greyhounds in our care with extraordinary injuries and illnesses. Jackie's Fund gives hounds the chance they deserve for a new life as a beloved pet. For example, between July 2013 and November 2016, Jackie’s Fund paid veterinary costs for 105 injured or ill greyhounds, with costs exceeding $300,000! We are among the few adoption groups able to take in these seriously injured or ill greyhounds. We need your ongoing financial support to continue our mission of helping every retired racer, regardless of age or health.

It all began in July 2013, when the track called and asked us to take an injured dog. Of course, SA Greys said “YES.” Jackie’s racing career ended with a badly broken leg that required extensive and expensive ($5,000) surgery. Jackie recovered to live a happy, healthy life in her forever home. To help other injured dogs like Jackie, we needed to greatly increase our fundraising efforts. Fortunately generous donors stepped up. In 2013-2014, Jackie's Fund paid extraordinary veterinary expenses of over $99,000 to heal 29 seriously ill or injured hounds.

In 2015, we took in 128 hounds, 49 with special needs. heir veterinary costs exceeded $131,000. We continued to say “YES” to injured or ill hounds, because generous donors made that possible.

In 2016, we took in 127 hounds. Twenty-six of those hounds had serious injuries or illnesses, and amassed over $66,000 in veterinary expenses. When Tucson Greyhound Park closed in June 2016, we took in 49 hounds from race tracks and farms in Alabama, Oklahoma and Kansas. Jackie's Fund paid to treat two puppies for babesia and ehrlichia, three former brood hounds for dental disease requiring multiple extractions, and a young hound with previously broken toes and an abscessed wound near the breaks.

2017 and 2018 brought new challenges with hounds coming from tracks and farms closing around the country. Jackie's Fund continues to let us treat those dogs with extraordinary veterinary needs.

Greyhounds with broken legs, distemper, ruptured spleens, thyroid disorders, heartworms, hookworms, dental issues and a variety of other illnesses or injuries received appropriate veterinary care and went on to live happy pet lives, because Jackie's Fund was there to help them in their time of need. Your donations will ensure SA Greys and Jackie's Fund can continue the mission of welcoming sick and injured hounds, young and old, into the SA Greys family... " No Hound Left Behind".

Meet the Jackie’s Fund hounds, view photographs, and discover how each of their lives changed because you cared: Jackie’s Fund Gallery

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