Born: 2/5/2013
 Red Fawn
Racing Name: WW's Ravine
Housed where:
Status: Pending Available

Tolerance Testing

Cats?: To be tested
Small Dogs?: To be tested

About me

Coming soon... I just arrived and have to get my medical checks!

Foster Update

Anyone looking for a great companion needs only to be with Elisa for a minute. This is a wonder girl! Moved right in, sleeps all night long, needs a few quick potties breaks during the day and is happy to either go out for walks or snuggle up and snoooooooze all day. Greets you with a helicopter tail every morning. Happy walking with the dog group and gets along with all dogs big and small. This is a very mellow girl. Likes being with other greyhounds, but seems like she is real happy being a only dog. Rides great in the car and enjoys driving adventures.

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