Born: 1/9/14
Housed where: 

Small Dogs?: No

About me: If Satmika could talk, she’d probably say “Roo Y’all”!  She is one of the recent arrivals from Alabama and a lovely energetic girl.  If you are looking for a greyhound who is curious, attentive and confident, she is all that and more.  She wakes up happy every morning, determined to make the most of her day.  At least four times/day she empties her toy box and plays with each toy for a few seconds until she finds her favorite floppy and squeaky toys - essential parts of her play routine.  

More Info and Foster Update: Although she lived in her foster home as an only hound, she enjoys spending time with other greyhounds and is always up for an adventure.  Mika has excellent manners when riding in the car and usually will lay down before the car has left the garage.  She met several small dogs and puppies at Petsmart and was thrilled to sniff and gently nose them; however, we cannot recommend her for off-leash activities with small animals.  Mika walks nicely on leash, enjoys walks and wonders at the rabbits as they fly past her in the desert, but does not lunge after them in spite of her high prey drive.  She’ll never turn down a good back scratch or belly rub. She even has highlights of white on her face so you can see her in the dark.

Satmika’s Oct 8 Facebook Post

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