Born: 9/1/14 
Color: Brindle 
Housed where: 
Lazy Grey 
Small Dogs?: No 

About me:  I think they named me after Nadia Comaneci, the gymnast.  My SA GREYS aunties say I score a perfect 10.0 too!   I'm outgoing and affectionate.  I love everyone and everyone seems to love me. I like to explore the house and yard, discovering new things.  My tail is in a constant state of wagginess, because I can't contain all of the joy inside me. It's hard to wait for my forever people to come along, so I think I'm going to take up some new hobbies.  I'm going to try gymnastics first, for obvious reasons.  I'll begin with something easy like walking on the balance beam or maybe choreographing an interpretive ribbon dance.  Maybe I'll post of video! Hope to see you soon. Nadia  

More Info and Foster Update:  Nadia just turned 3 years old on Sept 1. She is a certified greyhound, couch potato. However, she does love to throw toys around and gets the occasional zoomies. They last for about 3 minutes. Then it's nap time again. She is living with three foster greyhound siblings, two males and one female. They all get along great! She loves to run around with them at the dog park. She is not afraid of almost anything. She did run away from a June bug the other night, though. It slammed into her, and startled her a bit. I'm sure you would do the same, right? Nadia likes all adults, men and women equally. She hasn't been around kids, so we really don't know how she would do with them. Nadia learned to use the dog door in about 5 minutes! She likes to use it more than the door. Nadia has sensitive paw pads, and walks slowly. She still loves to go on walks. She will just walk slowly and sniff lots of bushes. She is fine being left at home with her greyhound buddies. She gets very happy when her people come home though. She likes to steal her peoples shoes. We give her rawhide chews to keep her busy, and she loves them! She has a very cute overbite and can't close her mouth completely. Nadia is an ex-racer, and has a very high prey drive. She needs a home with no cats or small dogs.

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