Born: 4/12/12
Red Fawn
Housed where: 
Small Dogs?: No
Adoption Pending

About me:  I'm on my way back to Lazy Grey for a relaxing weekend. I spent a couple days at the Briarcrest spa. I got a pedicure, teeth whitening, and a no-puppies tummy tuck.

It looks like they also tried to give me a bikini wax of some sort. I hope that fur grows back quickly. I'm not the bikini type.

I just turned 5 years old in April. I ran 79 races, then went back to the farm to rest. I considered starting a family, but decided that wasn't the right choice for me. I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to retire in sunny Arizona.

Ms. Wanda says I'm a fantastic pet doggie. I'm outgoing, happy, fun and super lovable. I can't wait to have my very own foster or forever family to love me!

I'll be Waiting for Your Call,

-- Minnie

More Info and Foster Update:  Minnie, also known as Mia, is a sweetheart! She is always happy, loves to explore, really loves her food and treats.  This girl is super easy and can be put out with any type of hound and is fine. She is not cat tolerant.  She is currently living with a Cocker Spaniel that is 20lbs, but we are unsure of dogs smaller than that.  She would be ok as an only dog and could be around children and teenagers, but has never been around babies or toddlers.  She is a very confident dog and not very shy.  She is not scared of loud noises or thunder, etc.  She has never shown any aggressive behavior.  She is potty trained with a doggie door and is left at home with other dogs, roaming the home freely (not crated).  She gets up by barking for her breakfast and is ignored until it's actually breakfast time, which is served at 6am at her current fosters house.  She rides well in the car and eats well.  She has an old injury to her back ankle, with a rare slight limp.  She loves going on walks and does not pull on her leash.  She loves getting attention and being handled.  She likes to sleep a lot and really loves people, more than other dogs.  She loves laying next to her people.  She is very loving and gets along with everyone.  She would do great in a home with lots of human attention and walks.

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