Born: 8/18/15
Housed where: 
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: No

About me:  Do you remember Hula? She was my mentor at the farm. We talked a lot about her plans to retire in Hawaii. It sounded really nice. Before she left, she gave me all her magazines with pretty beach pictures.

When I was offered the opportunity to take the same bus, I jumped on it! Really, I did. I couldn't WAIT to join Hula on the beach.

The bus stopped in Tucson and all the other doggies got off. I stayed put and said I was going all the way to Hawaii. The driver rolled her eyes and said, "oh, no...not another one." Long story, short, in Tucson I stayed.

It's warm just like I imagined the beach would be, so I guess it will work. I'm hoping to find a forever person like me...outgoing but chill. Maybe we can visit Dog Beach in San Diego!

Aloha or Should I Say Hasta Luego,

-- Maui

P.S. Now that I think about, the "ocean" looked kind of small and round in Hula's postcards home....

More Info and Foster Update: Maui is a party animal who doesn't slow down. He is always happy, loves people and is the life of the party (luau).

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