Born: 5/23/2017
 White and Fawn
Racing Name: WW Mister Linkin
Housed where:
Status: Available

Tolerance Testing

Cats: Failed 
Small Dogs: To be tested

About me

Linkin is a young male born with an underdeveloped and blind right eye.  When he arrived in Tucson, his cornea had ruptured, so the eye was removed.  He's a happy boy who is a little timid of new things.  His confidence grows daily.


Foster Update

Linkin has learned to use a dog door.  He bumped into things when he first got here, but has learned his way around with help from his foster brothers and sister.  He is loves treats and is learning how to take them from your hand.  He is very gentle and loving.  He needs a dog buddy to follow.  Linkin's confidence is growing every day.

I've been watching my foster sister squeak toys for two weeks. Yesterday I tried them myself. Oh boy!

Posted by Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption on Monday, February 4, 2019

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