Born: 7/08/11
Red Brindle
Housed where: 
Small Dogs?: 

About me:  I'm Indy. I've love to play and get back rubs. I have already lived as a pet for over a year, so I'm house trained, I walk well on a leash, and like riding in the car. 

I wouldn't mind being an only dog or living with another dog, as long as I get to be the boss. I've been waiting longer than most of the other hounds for a forever home, so I hope you pick me.

More Info and Foster Update: 

#4 (2017): Indy is not cat tolerant and seems to not be small dog tolerant.  He would do best in a home with other dogs, unless the owners are home all the time and spend all their time with Indy.  Indy would be best in a home without children. Indy will do well with a family that he can get attention from. He loves his people and loves being close to them. He is a very happy boy with energy. He loves to lay in whatever room you are in. He knows how to use the dog door, is a good eater with no food aggression. His fosters are working on keeping all 4 on the Boor when he gets excited for food or the leash. Once on the leash he walks very well. Indy sleeps roach very often and enjoys sunning himself in the grass or on his patio bed that he has free access to. He did get into the trash one time when there was some meat scraps in there but that is the worst of his behavior. Indy shows minimal interest in toys and is not a chewer. So far he has been a great dog and a good companion to his alpha greyhound sister, Moly.

#3 (2017):  Indy was returned to SA GREYS due to a change in his adopter's employment.  He is at the boarding facility and is readjusting to his changed circumstances.  We'll provide more information once he settles in.   

#2 (2015): Indy has been fostering with me for about a month.  Indy likes people and I believe he will bond easily. He is a little rambunctious around the house at times, as it doesn't take much to excite him.  Otherwise, he naps nicely during the day.  He can be left for as much as 7 hrs. a day, but is ready to go anywhere, anytime.  Indy goes into overdrive when the leash is picked up... we're working on that.  Once out the door he settles down nicely and walks well on the leash.  Indy does not pay attention to other dogs large or small walking across the street, has not noticed rabbits or cats that I see. 

Indy barks briefly when door bell rings, but goes up to strangers to  be pet.  He adjusts to anyone coming into the house, and after a pet, minds his own business. Indy has not met any little kids, I believe he will ignore them, if they don't bother him....   He needs some work on his jumping, as he's big, you need to be boss.

He does not mark in my house, and goes directly to the back of the yard to do his business.  He does not use dog door, will go outside often if given opportunity, but can hold it all night.  Indy is healthy, not on any meds.   He sometimes gives a sharp bark for no reason at all, ... may be looking for attention; is not bothered by noises (vacuum, or 4th of July).   An almost perfect Greyhound, Indy could walk off the "showroom floor" and into your heart today...!!

#1 (2015):Indy is friendly, happy, outgoing, goofy, playful, protective and very loving. He is great with routine, has done well with my greyhounds, but I wouldn't put him in a home with any alpha dogs, male or female and he can live as an only dog. Indy was okay with small dogs, but he's a big, active boy who could injure a very small dog in play. He would be best placed with medium or larger dogs.  Indy loves to go places and is very well behaved. He enjoys new experiences and could fit into an active household.

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