Born: 6/6/11
Red Fawn
Housed where: 
Small Dogs?: No
Adoption Pending

About me:  I finished my no puppies surgery and dental cleaning yesterday, so I can start meeting adopters. Yay!

Dr. Nausley removed SO many of my teeth. He said they were bad. I'm not sure exactly how they were misbehaving, because I couldn't see them. They were hiding under my schnozzle.

Anywoo, I asked the Briarcrest technicians to give me all of the teeth they removed so I could leave them under my dog bed for the tooth fairy.

There's a entire bag full!! I should finally be able to afford a jet ski! I can feel the cool breeze in my fur now. After running 50 races, raising devil dogs a.k.a. greyhound puppies, I'm ready to have fun!

If you'd like to give me a ride to pick out my jet ski, or would like to interview me to be your pet dog, I'm available.

-- Harlow

P.S. I am totally willing to give up my dream of skimming the waves on a jet ski so long as I get my #1 dream...a forever family.

More Info and Foster Update: 

Update #2 ( August 2017):

Harlow has only lived with other large dogs (greys).  She has a high prey drive and probably not do well with cats, small dogs or other small pets.  She has not been exposed to kids/toddlers/teenagers in the home, but probably would do well as long as they respect her and don't startle her while she is sleeping.
Harlow's level of confidence is high- she learns things quickly and adapts to home settings, she has increased her confidence and fits in with the routines of the other hounds, including walks.
Harlow is not shy towards people and is trusting.  She prefers people attention and shows well at meet and greets.  She has met kids and treats them the same as adults, she is not shy and is a people oriented dog.  She is not afraid of loud noises such as the vacuum or loud stereo.  She was startled by a thunderstorm that was close, she jolted, but that was about it.
She is passive and doesn't snarl or snap at the other hounds.  She may snap if she is startled while she is sleeping.  She is separated from the other hounds at night while sleeping to prevent another hound accidently stepping on her.
She hasn't had any accidents and does not currently have a dog door.  She is good for an 8 hour stretch at night without asking to go outside.  Harlow likes to have other hounds in the house with her to prevent separation anxiety.  After awhile she will get a little anxious.  She's good for about 3 hours at this point.
She is not crated and likes to sleep on dog beds.  She is baby gated at night with a line of sight to her foster parents bedroom.  She sleeps thru the night, soundly.  She doesn't bark but gets excited when she sees a small dog, but calms down quickly.  She eats well and takes treats, but they have to be broken up, since she is missing some teeth.  She is still working on walking on a leash, but getting better daily.  She likes baths and water and even swims with doggie paddles.
She knows her name and comes to it.  She reacts to NO also.  She is 6 years old but acts younger and has bursts of energy.  She would probably be ok as an only dog but needs lots of person to dog attention.  She's very sweet and craves attention from her people.  She loves to wag her tail and greet everyone!

Update #1:

Harlow was an insta-pet.  She walked into our house and immediately "got it."  Harlow loves dog toys, although she hasn't figured out squeaking them yet.  She also loves people, and stays close to us.  She often naps on the floor beside the computer, rather than be farther away on a dog bed.  She doesn't seek a lot of attention, just likes being close.

Harlow is living with two female greyhound and an elderly male greyhound.  She gets along with all of them, but doesn't interact much.  A couple times a day she will attempt to get one of them to play.  She play bows and barks at them.  They ignore her.

Harlow hasn't had an accident in the house.  We take her outside often to give her an opportunity to go.  She will go through the doggie door if I raise the flap a bit.  Today she followed one of the greyhounds through the dog door without assistance, so she's making progress.  She enjoys walking, but pulls because everything is so new.  We haven't walked much this week due to the heat, and anticipate the pulling will abate once walking becomes a regular activity.

Harlow is an extrovert.  She has no fear of new people, experiences, noises or the pool.  She seems to be a very happy, well adjusted hound.  I think she could be happy as an only with someone who is home most of the time or with other medium-to-large dogs.

Harlow recorded this message earlier today.

Posted by Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption on Friday, July 21, 2017
Harlow on Holiday

I'm hound of the week, so I got to make my own video! Now I'm going to lounge by the pool, eat chips and wait for my forever peoples to call!

Posted by Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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