Born: 12/13/15
Housed where: 
Small Dogs?: Yes.
Adoption Pending

About me:  My new name is perfect for me! I am SO sweet and hard to resist.

I'm also SUPER cute. What's with the obsession with doggie stripes? I have glowing black fur and the cutest smile ever.

My sister Smudge and I hatched a plan. I'm going to wear her like a stole and let her stripiness attract admirers. Once they meet me, they'll be mesmerized by my beauty and sparkling personality!

I hope they find me fast, it's hard to play when we're configured like this.

She's Not Heavy; She's My Sister,

-- Fudge

More Info and Foster Update:  Fudge, also known as Lainey, is cat tolerant and has been around dogs as small as 20lbs, but we are unsure of anything smaller than 20 lbs. She would prefer not to be an only dog, she likes to have other dogs around. She would also be ok with children and teenagers, but we haven't seen her around toddlers/babies. She is a little bit on the shy side, but is coming out of her shell more and more. She is scared of thunder/fireworks, and goes to hide when she hears those loud noises. She has never shown any aggressive behavior signs. She is house trained with a doggie door, but does not go outside when she hears loud noises, (i.e. thunder/fireworks). She has been left alone during the day with other dogs and the doggie door, and she does well. She had a few instances when she showed a bit of separation anxiety and chewed on the edges of furniture, but those were rare instances. She is not even 2 years old yet, so demonstrates some puppy behavior. She is not crated when left alone. She rides well in the car and eats well. She also walks well on a leash and is ok being handled. She likes to run around the back yard and play with stuffies, she is a good sleeper. She will continue to come out of her shell and be very happy in a home with other dogs.

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