Born: 6/14/14
Red Fawn
Housed where: 
Lazy Grey
Small Dogs?: No
Status: Adoption Pending

About me:  Cosmo is a great name for me.  I'm the life of the party!  I love to socialize and act goofy.

The girl dogs call me McDreamy and say I have beautiful eye.  I'm hoping ChaCha thinks I'm handsome too.  From everything I've heard, we'd be the perfect pair.  Maybe she'll have a 4th of July party!

I'm hoping my forever person likes to play and go on adventures too.  Because I am a social animal, I think I'd like to have a brother or sister dog to hang out with when our person is away.

If you'd like to share your life with a super fun, McDreamy doggie, you should fill out an application thingy now!

More Info and Foster Update:

Cosmo did not pass his cat and small dog testing, but his fosters haven't seen him around either since his testing, so they are unsure if he has changed his mind at all.  He is currently living with 2 medium sized dogs and another greyhound.  His fosters do think he would be ok as an only dog, but he needs daily exercise and to not get bored.  If he's bored sometimes he will collect objects; shoes, hats, remote controls, laundry.  He doesn't usually chew the objects, but he moves them around and hides them in different places.

His fosters believe he would be good around children 13 and over.  Sometimes Cosmo gets spooked for no reason and bolts, so younger children would probably not be a good match for him.  Cosmo roaches with the best of them.  He LOVES to relax in his crate.  The fosters never close the door to the crate, he just goes in and out as he pleases. He has just recently started laying on a dog bed that is out in the open, but he mostly likes to be in his safe space, which is his crate.  He sleeps through the night now, but sometimes goes outside early in the morning for a good howl.  He does occasionally bark too.
He is used to being home alone with the other dogs for around 8 hours a day.  He is doggie door trained and never has accidents.  He gets very excited and wants attention, and other times he gets scared and wants to hide in his crate.  He has been through 1 thunderstorm and did not get scared by it.  He is free-fed and eats/drinks when he's hungry with no aggressive behaviors.  He likes treats, but sometimes is scared when getting them, so be patient.  He has a strong healthy stomach, and doesn't seem to have any type of food that has bothered his tummy yet.  His fosters have seen no other symptoms of any health issues.
He does not get in the car very well, his fosters are working on that.  He gets scared and has to be lifted into and out of the car.  He walks on the leash without pulling, but doesn't walk straight, so he bumps into you a lot while walking.  His fosters are working on that too.
Cosmo knows his name and basic commands.  If you tell him "no" he runs away and stops whatever he's doing.  Cosmo has 5 minute spurts of energy and then lays down for hours at a time.  The house he lives in has a pool and he has stayed out of it since the first day.  He is a smart dog and is still learning how to be a pet, but is making lots of progress.  He is very beautiful and sweet and just a lover boy!

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