Born: 8/28/13
Housed where: 
Small Dogs?: Yes
Status: Adoption Pending

About me:  It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood.... Hello, everyone.  I'm Barney.  I'm a doggie, not a dinosaur.  My brand new SA GREYS toy IS a dinosaur.  Her name is Ruffles.  I was a racing dog in Florida, but I moved to Alabama a couple weeks ago.  Then on Monday, they loaded me on another truck and I ended up in Arizona.  Fate.  I'm Bolt's littermate!!  I can't wait to see him! I heard he was really sick for awhile, but is doing well now.

It's a good thing Greyson (Flash) called me to warn me about Bolt.  I didn't know Bolt stalked other doggies BFF's and gave them love bites.  I'm going to keep Ruffles safely away from that naughty Bolt when we have play dates.

So about me...I'm super furry and nice and kinda goofy.  I'm looking for a foster and forever home without kitties.  Ruffles doesn't like them.  If you would like to add a goofy boy dog and dinosaur to you family, we're waiting!


More Info and Foster Update: Barney is such a fun, outgoing guy.  He loves attention and is goofy, silly and always happy.  His tail never stops wagging.  Barney definitely has Escaped Tongue Syndrome...his tongue is frequently hanging out the side of his mouth.  Adorable!

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