Born: 6/6/11
Housed where:
Small Dogs?: No.
Status: Adoption Pending

About me:  When I found out it was my turn to write a bio, I was super excited. I have a particularly attractive tongue, so I'm perfect for the Tuesday slot.

I'm actually happy every day, not just Tuesdays. I ran 110 races before I retired and moved to Arizona. I love running around the yard and playing. I also love all of the other doggies and the peoples who visit.

Oh, and I love food!! I wonder if I could get a job as a doggie food critic. My forever person could take me out to all the dog friendly restaurants and I could write blogs about the doggie menu selections, the quality of the food and the petting skills of the wait staff. I would be SO good at that!

If you're a foodie and would like a sidekick, my extremely attractive tongue, gourmet taste buds and I are ready to roll!

-- Ailish

More Info and Foster Update:
My foster dad says it's my turn to write an update.
I joined the SA GREYS family in May. I'm six years old and ran 110 races before I retired in Arizona.  I LOVE my foster family, including Napa and Zin, my greyhound brother and sister. In one of pictures, I'm using Napa as a pillow because he and Zin were hogging the doggie beds. Because I was already there, I gave Napa a little bath.  I aced pet training. I get along with everybody, sleep through the night, potty outside and walk well on a leash. I don't mind napping in my crate when my foster mom and dad are away. I even know a trick called sitting.  I'm generally pretty calm and enjoy napping quietly while my foster dad works at his computer. I DO like to chase the occasional lizard around the yard. I'm also a collector... gathering toys, towels, socks and other things, and stacking them on my dog bed. A girl never knows when she might need something, and I don't have a purse. I don't chew them up or anything because I'm a good girl.   Although I like my foster siblings, I think I'm be fine as an only dog too. Sometimes I like away time and to nap in an empty room. Also, as an only dog, I wouldn't have to push the other doggies out of the way when it's time for pets and kisses.   I'm hoping to move in with my forever family soon so we can plan for Halloween. I think I want to dress up as a doggie vampire. I'm willing to wear another costume if we have a family theme.  Hope to See You Soon.

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