Looking for a calm, even-tempered, laid back companion?  You have come to the right place!  Dogs range from 2-5 years of age when they leave the track, some younger who didn’t race; some older who were used for breeding.  Your new friend will become the love of your life.


A Note About Adoption Fees

The SA Greys Board of Directors voted, at the May 2017 Board meeting, to increase the adoption fee from $300 to $350, effective for adoptions finalized after July 1, 2017.

Surely, that is not necessary, right?  With racing gone, surely SA Greys expenses must have gone down a lot?  Well, no, not really.

Every greyhound we take in from the Kansas and Oklahoma farms receives full veterinary care:

Procedure Cost ($)
Initial Health Screen 90
Vaccinations 12
Spay/neuter 172
Dental Cleaning 65
Fecal sample testing 74
Heartworm Protection 16
Flea/tick protection 24
Average Total Vet costs $440
Average Boarding $125

Average total cost per dog approaches $600 when there are no exceptional medical needs.

While we are mostly out of the broken leg business, farm dogs have proven to have their own challenges and opportunities.

One example:  Many of the brood moms come to us with serious dental issues.  Dental extraction procedures average $860.

Another example:  A number of the younger dogs have arrived with foot injuries – which is why they are “retired” so young.  Charges for toe amputations average $750.  Two recent arrivals, Crash and ZeeZee required more extensive surgery and rehab, and are still in recovery.

Proving the most problematic, many of the farm dogs have arrived with parasite problems that have been difficult to resolve quickly, so have had fosters and adoptions delayed until the problems are cleared.

*All of these conditions require longer treatment and recovery periods, which in turn have increased our boarding costs.

Since the closing of TGP in June of 2016, we have finalized 96 adoptions. In fact, with 30 adoptions (and several more pending) so far in 2017, we are on pace to get close to the number of greyhounds we placed in forever homes last year.

The track is closed, racing is ended, SA Greys is very much in business and vet and boarding costs are a fact of life.  The increase in the Adoption Fee is one of several steps we are taking to ensure our financial health as we continue to find forever homes for our hounds.