Our Hounds

Looking for a calm, even-tempered, laid-back companion? You’ve come to the right place! Dogs range from 2-5 years of age when they leave the track, some younger who didn’t race; some older who were used for breeding. Your new friend will become the love of your life.

SA Greys charges an adoption fee of $375 for dogs under 8 yrs old and $300 for 8+ yrs old to help defray costs of boarding, general veterinary costs, and training, when necessary. Here is a list of typical pre-adoption costs for a hound in our care:

Initial Health Screen..$90    Average Boarding......$125
Vaccinations...........$12    Spay/Neuter...........$272
Routine Dental........$165    Fecal sample testing...$74
Heartworm Protection...$16    Flea/tick protection...$24

The average cost per dog approaches $800 when there are no exceptional medical needs. We wish that we didn't have to worry about severe injuries or illnesses, but that is much more common than we'd like. For some examples, visit our Jackie's Fund page.

Female 02/2009

Male 06/06/2019

Female 06/06/2019

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