Ice Cream Social!

Fun was had by all (especially Rocky the puppy!) at the annual Ice Cream Social. Pics are rolling in from attendees. Here are a few teasers. We'll post updates as they are received.

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Mark is currently the proud President of SA Greys.

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  1. A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers that helped make our Social a success:

    Anne Marie King, and kids, Gracie and John – Membership and Sales
    Cris Benson – Registration
    Ivan and Michele Milensky, Howard – setup, breakdown, Ice Cream Scoop
    Jill Carrell and Dot Schroeder – general help
    Cindy Hall – Hot Dog Bobbing
    Renee Bennet – Snack-a-mole
    JoAnne Rolf – Photography
    Joan Athey – Ice Cream Scooper
    Mary Freeman – Membership and Sales
    Taryn and Mark Westergaard – setup, take down, Ice Cream, and MC
    Susan Krase – Ice Cream Scooper, setup
    Anne Lopez – Ice Cream Scooper
    Allison Davidson – Setup
    Heather Wall – Signage
    Mateo Loman – event breakdown
    Michele and Kevin Tuck – organizers and everything else

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