Board Candidate Bios

Vice President

Debra Hankish Hardman: (Debra’s bio will be posted shortly!)

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Anne Lopez: My husband Rudy and I have been greyhound adopters since about 1984 and we are currently the proud family of three SA Greys. We also love to participate in Spa Day and enjoy transporting hounds from Lazy Grey to Briarcrest.

Currently I serve on two other non-profit groups in the community. My background is in health care and assisted living center management. I worked at the University of Arizona for 20+ years. I’ve enjoyed being a member of the board as secretary and hope to continue.

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Anne Marie King: Anne Marie was the original SA Greys Treasurer and set up all the accounting records and bank accounts.  She had to give up that role after a couple of years because of her children’s’ “social schedules”.  Now that they are teenagers and more self-sufficient, Anne Marie is once again happily back in this position.  She is a Certified Public Accountant and has had a variety of professional experience in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  She has also served on several nonprofit boards and, besides being Treasurer for SA Greys, is currently on the board of her parish’s Endowment Trust Fund.  

Anne Marie, her husband Jim, son John, and daughter Gracie are contentedly owned by ‘Bama, their 10-year-old big, black, goofy boy and Mara, a gorgeous, doe-eyed 9-year-old girl.  These are their 6th and 7th greyhounds. She regrets that her husband only “allows” two kids and two hounds.  (Pretty smart of him, actually.  He knows the house would be overrun with more gorgeous greys!)  Volunteering with SA Greys helps satisfy her need to be around more of these amazing creatures.

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Operations Director

Abrie Schroeder: (Abrie’s bio will be posted shortly!)

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